Yard clean-ups

Yard Clean-Ups

Spring Clean-Up – Our crews will pick up yard waste,
limbs, branches and put nature in order. There are many things to do
before serious gardening weather arrives.

Spring Landscape – As the weather gets warmer, it is time to think of adding color to your yard. Seasonal flowers, plant, shrubs and trees.

Trims – Shrubbery, bushes and decorative plants need
trimming to promote growth and to maintain proper shape. We expertly
trim, treat and remove all trimmings.

Sod – Sod grass is grown specifically to provide you
with an instant lawn. Special attention needs to given to how it is
laid and how it is to be used. Our expert team will help you make the
right decision for your specific yard.

Land Reclamation – Overgrown brush and weed
elimination, we cutaway and remove unwanted brush and reclaim your
property for landscaping and lawn growing.

Fall Clean-Up – Cleaning up your property in the
fall is an effective way to control insect pests. Removing leaves
promote healthier lawns and preparing delicate plants for winter results
in better spring growth.

Fall Landscape – Autumn is the last chance to grow
plants that will bloom. Certain plants grow better in the cooler air.
Seasonal flowers, plant, shrubs and trees.

Winter Preparation – Winter is an important time to
maintain your property’s health and to assure yourself a more colorful
and healthy lawn. Preparing delicate plants and trees for the winter
will encourage spring growth.

We are confident you will be pleased by our expert landscaping
services. Jose Landscaping provides quality landscaping, tree care, lawn
maintenance and fence installation to satisfied clients in Westbury,
East Meadow, Wantagh, Hicksville, Old Westbury, Levittown, Garden City,
Jericho, Mineola and Roslyn Heights.