Tree Care

Caring for your trees

Tree Planting – selecting the proper tree can provide you with years of enjoyment and can significantly increase the value of your property.

Spring Pruning – Pruning encourages a tree to grow in the shape you desire. Major pruning should be done in early spring to allow the plant to heal and grow strong during the spring and summer.

Tree Trimming – Not all pruning needs to be severe, by trimming the smaller unwanted branches to

Tree Removal – Removing dead or unwanted trees from your property with the least amount of disruption and inconvenience.

Topping – Although we discourage topping, sometimes it is necessary to cut the tops of established trees that have overgrown their yard.

Stump Removal – Unsightly tree stumps can ruin your curb appeal. We will remove tree stumps from your property.

Cut Backs – Occasionally a tree grows with little regard to it’s surrounding, a branch may hang over where you park your car or over a part of your home. We will cut back your branches while causing as little damage to your trees.

Storm Damage – After severe weather strikes, call us to remove branches that have broken off or threaten to break next time a storm passes.

Roof line clearing – We will safely trim your tree away from your home without affecting the integrity of your tree.

Autumn Pruning – the best time of the year to prune trees is late winter or early spring, but sometimes it is necessary to cut back branches you know will cause problems when the become heavy with ice. We can help you decide which branches need attention.

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