Lawn Care


Lawn Maintenance – A complete lawn care service. Our
experienced team will help you create the kind of lawn you’ve dreamed
of, healthy, care-free, lush, thick green grass. From filling in dirt
patches to complete re-seeding, from lawn aeration to scheduled mowings,
we take great pride in growing great lawns.

Mowing Service – We are fast. Our team arrives at
your home and moments later, they leave. Your lawn is clipped and your
grounds are neat and clean.

Sod – Sod grass is grown specifically to provide you
with an instant lawn. Special attention needs to given to how it is
laid and how it is to be used. Our expert team will help you make the
right decision for your specific yard.

Spring Preparation – The main purpose of spring lawn
preparation is to get through the summer. Proper mowing, fertilizing,
seeding, aeration and dethatching.

Dethatching – Dethatching removes dead organic
material that starves your lawn of moisture and nutrients. Early Spring
and Autumn are great time to de-thatch your lawn.

Fertilization – Every lawn is affected by soil
condition, site location, climate. Your lawn is different and requires
attention to determine how much fertilizer your lawn needs, when it
should be applied and what kind will get the best results for your
particular type of grass.

Edge Cutting – By making a neat edge between the lawn and your paths, sidewalks and flower gardens – your lawn better.

Lawn Aeration – Over time, the lawn soil compacts,
moisture and nutrients have a harder to penetrating to the grass roots.
Lawn aeration once or twice a year are factors in achieving a healthy
green lawn.

Fall Preparation – Treating your lawn roots during
the fall can determine how well it grows next year. Removing dead leaves
and branches helps your grass bounce back quicker.

We are confident you will be pleased by our expert landscaping
services. Jose Landscaping provides quality landscaping, tree care, lawn
maintenance and fence installation to satisfied clients in Westbury,
Hicksville, Old Westbury, Levittown, East Meadow, Wantagh, Garden City,
Jericho, Mineola and Roslyn Heights.

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